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Steps to set-up Portable Showers during camping

Steps to set-up Portable Showers during camping
Many people like to go and enjoy camping in the great outdoors during their vacations. Views of unique wildlife, pleasant times over the campfire, and stunning views make any inconveniences worthwhile. But there's one drawback whenever we plan to go camping or any place far away from cities. It is difficult for the convenience of bathrooms and washrooms. It is when we need one portable shower or toilet with us.

If you're going to be camping outside for more than a few days, you'll desire a good soak at some point when the filth accumulates. There's always the option of using wet wipes as a quick fix, but sometimes that's not enough. A brisk, cold dip in a river or lake will suffice, but what about an accurate shower? The Beach Box gives out the options for the Best Portable Camping shower.  Read the entire blog to know how to set up a portable shower.

Why do you need a portable camping shower?

While you go camping, there are a few reasons you might want to add a portable shower to your camping kit. Look at the following reasons:

• To clean up the sand after a day at the beach
• You can clean up the kids without going to the campground shower house.
• On a hot day, this is a great way to cool down.
• Your camping buddy's canine companion should be washed.
• After a swim or paddle in the ocean, rinse off the salt.
• If you're camping off the grid, in the back country, or one of the more remote National Parks, keep yourself clean.

How to Set up Camping showers?

1. Find a great area for a shower
Consider things like drainage, privacy, and whether or not there's a place to hang or set it up when deciding where to put the shower. Some portable showers must be suspended above you, while others require a flat surface to set up their tank. You can also avoid setting up a camp shower near water, such as a lake or stream because the wastewater will drain right into it.

2. Fill the bag or tank in the shower with water.
The majority of portable showers have a capacity of 2 to 5 gallons. Showering water does not need to be cleaned like drinking water, but it should be clean.

3. Prepare the shower.
If the water pressure in your portable shower is dependent on gravity, find a spot to hang it above you. You can also use a tree limb or a roof rack. If you're using a privacy tent, thread the shower hose through the top of the tent. 

4.  Rinse after lathering.
Turn off the nozzle while lathering your shampoo or soaping up to keep your water supply from running out. If you set up a Portable Dog Shower, you can use these similar steps.

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