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Do Campgrounds Allow Outdoor Showers?

Do Campgrounds Allow Outdoor Showers?

Camping lets you get away from the stress of everyday life and spend time in nature. We humans like to be clean all the time, which is a problem. We're used to having things easy for us, and we miss them when we don't. We who travel in RVs usually have showers in our vehicles, but what about those who don't? Can you take a shower outside at a campground?

At many campgrounds, you can take a shower outside. Some require you to collect your waste water and dump it in specific places, while others don't. The best setup is an Outdoor camping Shower for privacy and a portable camping shower.

Besides taking the Best Outdoor Camping Shower, there are other ways to stay clean and not stinky while camping. In the rest of this article, I'll talk about the different ways you can take a shower outside, as well as the best products for each method.

How Do You Shower Outside When Camping?

It can be hard to shower outside and stay clean while camping, especially if you don't come prepared. Some of the things you need to think about are where you'll get and store water, where you'll camp, what you'll use for a shower, and how often you need to shower.

Use the Public Shower Facilities at the Campground or Other Places

Unless you're camping in a very remote area, you'll probably find a campground with public showers. If your campground doesn't have these, you can find showers at gyms, beaches, and other public places. Finding a good campground with clean showers and hot water is a treat. Even in the summer, hot water makes you feel clean and refreshed.

Use a Portable Gravity or Pocket Shower

A portable gravity shower is a great choice for people who want something light, portable, and easy to pack. It's just a shower tool you put up over your head. As you bathe, it uses gravity to pour water out for you.

Set Up a Camping Shower Tent

If your campsite is full and there is no indoor shower, you can't just hook up a portable shower to your RV and go take a shower. Set up a shower tent if you want to shower alone. You can do this by putting your gravity shower (or any other type of outdoor shower) inside a shower tent.


Most campgrounds that don't have indoor showers still let campers take showers outside. But they are usually pretty strict about only letting them in if the gray water will be collected and thrown away in the right way. You also have to do it in private, not in the middle of the campground for everyone to see.

Also, make sure you only use biodegradable bath products so you don't add to pollution or hurt the local wildlife.

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