BeachBox Portable Shower Tank

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As a standalone item, the BeachBox portable shower tank is amazing, it's super portable and can be easily added to any adventure-filled day without taking up too much room.

  • It features a durable carry handle for easy portability as well as a new multi-spray shower gun with 5 spray modes, including a more powerful shower mode.
  • It has a 1.3g/5L tank that offers a flow time of approx 4-5 minutes (depending on the chosen mode). So whether you are looking for a fuller shower or a light mist mode, our new BeachBox portable shower tanks have you covered.
  • Not to mention each tank comes with a neoprene slipcover that adds insulation for hot water, so you can enjoy an amazing warm water rinse down after your activity, luxurious we know!

Portable Shower Tank Specs

We are a brand built from sand, salt and sweat. Literally.

If you're a camper, hiker, hunter, trail runner, mountain biker, tough-mudder athlete, paddle-boarder, freediver or surfer now you've got a warm, portable camp shower and a bin to store your gear in. If you're a parent, now you've got something to hose a little one off with after they get mud or sand on them. And if you're a dog parent then consider this your perfect dog washing bath for after sandy beach days and dirty trail runs.